Sunday 6 April 2014

But not windy!

Chicago! Cold (like, 5 degrees), crisp, but thankfully sunny - bare trees, brown grass, squirrels, muffled-up people, brick everywhere, elegant old skyscrapers that aren't too high.... I'm looking forward to exploring, though I'm caught up in this conference now and will be in windowless rooms a lot of the time, sigh.

I did get to go on a bus tour this afternoon, though, weaving through the city centre, crossing the river that they dye green every St Patrick's day, and skimming along the edge of the lake about which everyone - that's EVERYONE -  says, "It looks like the ocean!" because it truly is that vast, blue right to the horizon and, presumably, beyond. We were lucky that it was blue today - actually, tropical turquoise - on this bright spring morning, and our boat cruise on the Spirit of Chicago along the waterfront towards Navy Pier was a real delight.

To me the city looks like a more manageable New York: smaller, less daunting, friendlier, but with all the same elements of interesting architecture, river, parks, distinctive neighbourhoods, eateries, bars and music. Plus sandy beaches! I like it, and have already decided that instead of passing straight through in October, I should stop over for the proper look it deserves, and which I'm not going to have the time for now.


the queen said...

So close! Only five hours away by car.

TravelSkite said...

I KNOW! Flew right over St Louis. I thought of you.


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