Friday 4 April 2014

Nobody mess with me

Because it turns out I'm a mean shot with not just a hand gun and a shotgun, but automatic weapons too (that's machine guns to you). Or at least, I am when the target is large, stationary, 7 yards away and, rather crucially, made of paper. Stationary and stationery, then.

It's easier in the controlled conditions of Machine Guns Vegas than you'd think - none of that wild and bruising kicking I was fearing, thanks to pro Jackie right behind me. It was disturbingly fun, actually.

Genghis Cohen (real name), the Kiwi who owns the business, isn't a gun fanatic, though, which is reassuring, and even the MGV driver who took me away isn't rabid about them, despite the image we foreigners have of American gun fever. He was much more interested in discussing how you would take out attacking zombies (you can choose a zombie target in the VIP Experience) - through the head, apparently. Everyone needs to know that.

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