Friday 4 April 2014

Time warp in Vegas

Losing a day flying from New Zealand to Tahiti was one thing; climbing into a massive 17-ton excavator here in Las Vegas and losing a hour is quite another. I went to Dig This, another Kiwi operation here in this crazy city, and could have sworn I was in that cab for just a matter of minutes.

Under Walt's calm, clear and humorous tutelage, I drove that huge machine around, tipped it up, spun it in circles, dug a trench, picked up monster tyres and piled them up, and finally got dainty with basketballs perched on cones, picking them up and dropping them into another tyre. Didn't drop one!

It was glorious fun, and immensely satisfying, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Do it!


the queen said...

I just begged Gary to add this to the Vegas plans. He claimed to be uninterested but I think can sway him.
And if you want a real Sin City, Id recommend New Orleans over Vegas. All the drinking and lights but with an undertone of sincere happiness.

TravelSkite said...
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TravelSkite said...

Gidday Queen! Absolutely, make Gary do it. I can't imagine anyone not having the time of their lives, truly.
New Orleans, noted.


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