Thursday 19 June 2014


It was yet another glorious day, the sun bathing the rolling green countryside of Fife's curiously named East Nuek. It's a rural area of fields of wheat, barley and oats, the cereal scattered with bright poppies, and neat little stone-built towns each clustered around a sturdy kirk.

We were on a Tasting Scotland tour with Brenda, who knows everything about local producers and their products. So we ate huge, fat raspberries, tasted cheeses made from the milk of cows right next door, and licked ice cream in the street in St Andrews, just one street over from the cafe with its banner "Where Kate met Wills (for coffee)".

Best of all, though, were the little fishing villages, like St Monans where we had a fabulous lunch in the sunshine, of nuts, salmon, lobster, crab and langoustine. It was all smoked over whisky-barrel oak shavings just below where we sat with wonderful views over a blue North Sea, rows of colourful cottages, and the little harbour with its sea wall and piles of lobster pots.

Then came Craill - the same but even prettier. It was a great day out!

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