Monday 25 January 2010

Victor Harbor rocks

An hour and a half from Adelaide is Victor Harbor, another classic SA seaside town with Norfolk pine-lined beach, little stone cottages and a pier - except on this case it's a bridge out to Granite Island with a double-decker tram pulled by Clydesdales clopping along, which is
lovely if not very quick. Out on the island there's a little penguin colony (they've stopped calling them fairy penguins here, it makes the Aussies feel uncomfortable) and lots of great rocks - huge round boulders shaded with orange lichen and many of them sculpted into
unusual shapes. Clear blue sea foaming white, bleached wiry grasses, backlit bunny tail grass, bright pink naked ladies (the flower) - all very photogenic. And so was the 5-hour Heysen Trail walk along the clifftops I did yesterday - not too strenuous, and the views? Speckie, as they say here.


MsDarkstar said...

I would like to spend the rest of my life staring at the view that bottom picture shows but in person.

TravelSkite said...

Yes, MsD, it's beautiful - but if you stand too long in one spot the ants will find you, and you'll disappear under a coating of the stickiest flies in existence!


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