Saturday 23 January 2010

Panda on my shoulder

Brilliant! Even if I was so busy with notes and photos that I missed out on my emu chipolatas and quandong pastries (at least I could look the emu in the face afterwards).

Morning is the time to come to see the pandas, pride of Adelaide Zoo - Wang Wang was on the move outside, climbing, bathing in his pond, chasing a magpie - and posing. He's a real show pony. Funi was shyer, but did a somersault playing with her oil-infused cardboard box. We had almost three hours with the pandas, and it flew by.

So much fun! Everyone was grinning non-stop. Again, brilliant!


MsDarkstar said...

You were close to PANDAS! Oh! I am SOOOO jealous!
(BTW, I came here from The Bloggess... you had commented that you have a blog no one reads. They would if they knew there are PANDAS here!)

TravelSkite said...

Gidday, MsDarkstar! Yes, PANDAS! But also baby kangaroos, cats, chickens, condors and more... I hope you'll drop by again and have a good poke around, check out the Birds and Animals posts maybe. You're very welcome here!


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