Saturday 16 October 2010

0 - 1 - 2 - 3

Another beautiful day! And time for breakfast too, at The Bean. Gotta be good. So it was off back to Lime Kiln Point to look for orcas again - or the humpbacks that are in the area too, they would do at a pinch - but there was nothing but sunshine and scenery, tch.
But then there was this fox, poking around in the grass quite unconcerned by us in the car just the other side of the fence. Beautiful animal - I've never seen a black one before. Very classy. We went on to Roche Harbour where the carillon in the pretty little church rang at midday, and then segued into playing 'Hello Dolly', which I thought was rather twee. Nice place though, lots of money here, in the big houses and big boats, but room for us ordinary folks too.
Next there were these deer, again pretty unbothered by us stopping the car and getting out to stalk them. This was back down the other end of the island where there were even more lovely houses and shiny boats.
And finally, back in Friday Harbor, chilling out at the marina after a day that did include some effort climbing up Young Hill above English Camp (not to be confused with American Camp, on the other side in the Pig War that gave a lot of soldiers pretty much nothing to do - certainly not any fighting), I came across these otters right there on the pontoon.

So, no orcas - but then, I could see them back in Auckland Harbour, if I'm lucky. Not so a fox or otters, or wild deer. Excellent day!


the queen said...

Don't become one of those tourists who take photos of squirrels. Squirrels are rodents. Don't encourage them.

TravelSkite said...

There will be squirrels. It's revenge for having to listen to Australians gush over possums.


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