Thursday 21 October 2010


American Indians are more laid-back (ha ha) than Andean Indians, despite the lack of coca leaves. The proof? This mountain silhouette, which here in Leavenworth is known as Sleeping Woman - whereas on the Inca Trail, a very similar outline is called Dead Woman Pass.

We met so many nice people today: Nancy from the Leavenworth Visitor's Bureau; the girls of the Icicle Creek Piano Trio, who played beautifully in front of a huge window framing trees and mountains bathed in sunlight; Rich at Mountain Springs Lodge, who made us want to be here in winter so we could go for a sleigh ride in the snow; Mike at Smallwood's Harvest, a fruit barn with heaps of fun stuff for kids, who spoke highly of New Zealand's Gala apple and gave us a heaped box of all sorts of apples, pears, nectarines and plums; and another Mike, Nancy's partner, who was excellent dinner company and left inspired with the idea of Rotorua's Zorb.

And we saw another of Dale Chihuly's works, at Sleeping Lady Lodge: a stunning icicle creation that apparently looks even more fabulous in the snow.
Sleeping Lady had an art trail with lovely salmon, ravens, glass and stone creations, including this granite wolf. I don't need to see a real one of these.

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