Thursday 14 October 2010


I could write about the beautiful day that started with fog over Puget Sound, continued with a cloudless blue sky and ended with a sepia silhouette sunset. Or the astonishing scale of the Boeing assembly plant at Everett. Or the fascinating story of the Russian Night Witches who flew biplanes at night and terrified the Germans in WW2, that we heard about at the Flying Heritage Collection. Or the corn maze and pumpkins at Swan Trail. Or the glitz of the Tulalip Resort and Casino and the glory of its fabulous creation by glass artist Dale Chihuly (just the $300,000-worth). I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work at Tacoma. 

But today's post has to salute the courage and endurance of the miners in Chile and the dedication and skill of their rescuers. What a brilliant result. Christmas come early, truly.

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