Thursday 17 March 2011


St Patrick's Day today, and this evening I'll be at the Sky Tower to see it go green, the first landmark to be bathed in emerald light as the Green Beam goes around the world. Here, then the Sydney Opera House, London Eye, Empire State Building and Toronto Tower, plus Cape Town's Table Mountain - all a bit of fun, and sure now, couldn't we all be doing with some?

Other than seeing the colour change, I dare say there'll be drinking and jollity as Discover Ireland are the hosts, something they do very well. It'll be hard to say no to a drop of black velvet, though I hope I can avoid a pint glass this time: in the bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, there was absolutely no choice, much to the delight of unfinicky aficionados, who did well out of the barely-sipped glasses abandoned by shrinking tourists.

The last time I was at the Sky Tower I was all togged up in an unflattering orange boiler suit and a most uncomfortable harness to do the SkyWalk around the ring at the top. It's a walkway about a metre wide with no guardrail - just safety lines attached to a rail overhead. The guides get their kicks by making everyone lean backwards over the void, sitting on thin air while way down below little cars and people go about their business.

It was fun - though more fun if I'd been with friends - and not that scary at all, really. I'm always more amazed by how height flattens the landscape than scared by the thought of falling. It's wonderful how convenient a lack of imagination can be. Though when we watched the bungy jumpers hurtle off the platform, I wasn't the least bit tempted.

Anyway, Sláinte!

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