Friday 20 May 2011

Broken promises

Here I am at Melbourne airport. Again. For 6 extra hours, sigh.

The journey was going so swimmingly (which is to say, not - literally, that is) after setting off to the airport in Amsterdam at 3pm. To London, short wait, good sleep on the way to Singapore, even shorter wait - but then after boarding we sat at the gate for ages while, wait for it, the galley fridges were repaired. Late leaving means late arriving, so we missed the connection that would have got me home to Auckland by lunchtime.

So now I have 6 hours to kill at my least-favourite airport before arriving home to drive across the city in rush-hour. But I am at least in the Business lounge, showered and refreshed and diverted by the novelty of this pancake machine which after some promising humming and flashing of lights, spits out two tiny pikelets that are nothing like the generously-sized hotcakes in the photo. Something else that doesn't deliver.

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