Monday 30 May 2011

Crackle but don't pop

At school the Year 10s have been doing food, and though they're learning French, we came across the sinful Schwarzwalderkirschtorte in the textbook today, which was unkind as it was the last lesson of the day and they were hungry. C'est typiquement allemand, they were meant to say, but they were drooling too much to get the words out.

Comparatively stricken in years though I am, I had the same reaction to seeing this cake in the cafe at the castle in Cochem - though I was able to resist buying a piece. Having travelled a lot in Australia and also in the US recently, I have to say I was struck by the relative absence of really fat people in Germany. Stout Fraus, certainly, but none of that over-the-top (literally) wobbliness that is so much more common elsewhere. And that's despite all that Schlagsahne, and the Kartoffeln, and the Bier.

And, as a crunchy snack that promises A Hearty Enjoyment, how about a slab of pork crackling? Mmmm, das ist lecker! (I do like the token gesture towards healthy eating represented by that shred of lettuce leaf.)

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