Tuesday 10 May 2011

Free WiFi for the people!

Back on the NZ Herald's cover again, yay, with the Tasman showing off its glamorous face - and the centrefold too (with MY title, for once: score!) I hope the Bay of Fires people will be happy, that they'll get some bookings because of the story, and that Matt and Kate won't get fired for being outed internationally as bare-faced liars.

What is getting more attention though (Twitter! Facebook!) is the guest Comment I did on page 2, in which I froth at the mouth yet again about hotel WiFi and the swingeing charges they impose totally without shame for something that should be as standard in a room as the bed. As the unconcerned Hilton rep said, "it'll come" but in the meantime, we here at the forefront of digital technology are once again putting our blood pressure at risk by having to cope with dunder-headed people dragging their feet and holding back the rest of us who can see so clearly how things are meant to be.

And not just hotels, as a friend pointed out: airports too. They should all be like Dubai, where she says there's not only free WiFi throughout, but also sockets for plugging in and charging. Why stop at hotels and airports, I'm thinking now? Free WiFi everywhere! All the time! For everyone! Even Hilton Man can see the future; dammit, tomorrow is the future.Why wait?


Anonymous said...

Free internet and a games computer for kids/teens in the Lounge /tv area at Kuala Lumpur airport- near the prayer room. As it is standup only it's more for checking emails and flight details.

Also we found places to plug in at some of the restaurants - like Alan Jabor [not too sure about the correct spelling] where you didn't have to ask for a login [unlike Starbucks and Burger King].

Brett Atkinson said...

Bloody rabble rouser...have to agree tho'

TravelSkite said...

Bookbrainz: Yes, it's hunting for the 21st-century - we'll track down those free hotspots wherever they may be.

Brett: There are some people commenting on the Herald website trying to explain it away, how expensive it is, how unreasonable guests are. Tch. They carefully ignore the fact that from the US to Peru, it doesn't seem to be a problem.


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