Monday 2 May 2011

Storm warning

There's a storm passing over and I was going to refer to the terrible tornados that have ripped through some of the southern states of the US, killing hundreds and reducing whole towns to rubble - when they didn't just suck entire houses up into the air, that is, and spit them out somewhere else completely.

But I've just heard that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American forces, and that's much bigger news than a mile-wide tornado: it's world-wide news, an event that will affect millions. If only it were a line drawn under 9/11, the end of that terrible story, and the start of moving on; but it won't be. There will be repercussions in all sorts of expected, and unexpected, places.

I'm not sorry he's been killed, of course: it had to be done. But now, for everybody, it's like living on permanent tornado alert (or even like living in Christchurch, still juddering with aftershocks - 5.3 on Saturday - and not knowing if the next one will be the biggie). Where will the storm strike next, and whose life is going to be sucked up and obliterated?


the queen said...

Thank you for not being sorry he's dead. I'm chewing on my tasty cold revenge. Well, I just heard he was shot in the head and I said "Hee." I should feel a little guilty about that.

TravelSkite said...

Just a bit anxious about repercussions.

And furious that the storm keeps knocking our Sky reception out, and we'll have to listen to the news through the radio. How very WW2.


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