Monday 3 March 2014

Bikes and Baby Boomers

So today was the start of the Paradise Trail with Revolution Tours - that is, ten of us punters plus Matt and Kate, whose operation this is. They're full of positive energy, so last night's snow, this morning's showers and the icy wind deterred them not a bit. Coffeed up, we sailed across the lake in the snug warmth of the TSS Earnslaw, fuelled up again (clearly this is going to be a theme) on scones and ginger slice in the lovely old homestead - and then set off.

I like my bike: the seat is comfortable, the handlebars aren't too low, and the gears are easy to operate. Which is not to say that the hills were easy to handle, and there was pushing - but mostly it was pretty manageable, as well as plain pretty, if that's not too much of an oxymoron for you. The sun came out, the lake was turquoise, the hills golden, the peaks white and sharp, and the sky blue. Glorious!

There was also lunch in a woolshed smelling of lanolin, a cafe selection of teas and coffees on a pebbly beach, a bouncy ride in a water-taxi, and a ride through a beech forest ringing with bellbirds.

And now we're at Kinloch Lodge, here since 1868, where the jolly Baby Boomer ladies are up the hill laughing in the spa while their husbands are growling away together around the table in the lounge. There will be mussels, venison and pavlova tonight, and a well-earned sleep in a comfortable bed - once I've removed nine or so pillows and cushions.

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