Tuesday 4 March 2014

Paradise - no exit

With thanks to Revolution Tours for this lovely famil
I've quite fancied heading to Wyoming to see the Grand Tetons - but actually it turns out that Mt Aspiring National Park is distinctly Tetonesque, I reckon. It helps, of course, that it's been a crisp, clear day with all the edges sharp: lovely for cycling, when the wind was behind us, of course.

Day Two of our Revolution Tour was easy, mostly flat with only a couple of modest hills, and even some tar seal today. We crossed both the Dart and Rees Rivers, wide expanses of gravel with clear and cloudy streams winding through them. Then we left the lake behind, heading up the Rees valley towards Paradise, with lunch beside the - literally - glacial waters of the Earnslaw Burn.

Then it wasn't far to Paradise, the first tourism operation on the lake, way, way back in the 1880s. We passed the lovely Arcadia Homestead with its sad love story, and got to Paradise Lodge, tucked under its huge chestnut. It's a delight, restored to its heyday condition and beautifully done.

Matt and Kate have stocked the fridge, the fire was set (and soon lit) and everyone made themselves right at home. Tonight we have the sophistication of Glenorchy to look forward to, and there will be pizza! (With, it turned out, of a whole lot of bull en route.)

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