Thursday 6 March 2014

Legs and lamb

With thanks to Revolution Tours for this lovely famil
No biking today: instead we were driven up to the start of the Routeburn Track, a 3-day tramp over the Divide to the Milford road (but which Matt has run in 4 hours, so no more sympathy for him over having the big trailer behind his bike). It was another glorious day and though I've done this walk before, it was pure pleasure to follow the extremely well-made path through the beech trees, past cliche tumbling mountain streams.

There was coffee and lemon loaf on a stony beach by the river, and a bit of drama as Matt had to run after and retrieve a stray group member, falling and dislocating his finger in the process (actually, absolutely no drama at all about that).

Then it was another 5km or so to the grassy river flat for lunch surrounded by peaks and beech forest: just another cliche tourist scenario really, ho hum. Not.

And on our return to Paradise Lodge, a welcome-back huge platter of cheeses and super-tender lamb to dip into wild mint sauce; before a feast of freshly manuka-smoked salmon, lamb shanks with garlic, salads and veg, then apple and blackberry crumble and cream. All prepared by Matt's father Laurence, a man of many talents.

Finally bed, after stepping outside to admire the Milky Way in all its spectacular un-light-polluted glory. A good day.

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