Thursday 6 March 2014

Goodbye to Paradise

One of the nice things about this Revolution Tour (and there are very many) is that spending several days in one area, exploring it by bike, on foot and by car, I've come to feel a connection with this amazing scenery. I've heard the stories, learned the names, made my own memories; and it will always be a special place for me now - as special as even those who live here always know that it is.

We went to the end of Paradise Road this perfect morning, coasting along with some splashy ford adventures, and I wasn't the only one to slow down at the end, to try to make it last longer; and to be really reluctant to finally let go of my bike.

But then we walked out into the Dart River valley for our last picnic lunch, the glories of the scenery somewhat modified by the voracious sandflies. A jetboat swirled past, a helicopter clattered overhead, and then we turned and headed back to civilisation ourselves.

I had a bit of a reprieve: a personal photography tutorial with Laurence, visiting locations around Glenorchy to record them with my camera frighteningly set to Manual. It was great - watch this space later for evidence.

If you have to return to civilisation, you might as well make it properly civilised, so here I am at the Sofitel, with champagne by the bath and Baileys and nougat by the bed. Could be worse, I suppose.... (NB Photo taken after depredations already made to the cheese, etc.)

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