Wednesday 27 January 2010

Give that panda something to cuddle

How could you look at a face like this and not go "Awww"? (As well as, in my case, "Yay! Another cover shot!")

This is Wang Wang (yes, an unfortunate name, especially given the Aussies' fondness for the scatalogical, but it should be pronounced Wong Wong - it means Net Net, which tells us nothing, other than that the Oriental reputation for inscrutability, un-PC as it may be, is still valid in modern China). He's five, a year older than Funi, whose name means 'Lucky Girl', which makes more sense, even if it's not that accurate. They live in Adelaide Zoo.

I mean yes, she's come to the Lucky Country to be fussed over for 10 years, but expectations are high that she will have a cub, even though once she's reached sexual maturity in about 18 months, she'll be on heat for only four days in a year - and, listen to this guys, Wang Wang will only be interested in that sort of thing on two days a year. Which may well not coincide with Funi's.

And, this being Australia where they do like to win, the head keeper Steve isn't just looking forward to her having a cub, he's wanting twins. So. No pressure, Funi.

No wonder she likes to lurk at the back of her day room, sitting on her water fountain. If I were her, I'd want to soak more than just my feet.


the queen said...

I feel like a panda. A sweet face, a cuddly stature, yet I could tear you to bits.

TravelSkite said...

Yes, that's certainly true: I do have that impression of you. I'm glad I'm protected by the InterWang.


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