Saturday 23 April 2011

Good Saturday

Easter is summer's last hurrah: the final chance to get away to the beach or bach for some sun and sea before winter sets in; and though we were promised rain this weekend, it didn't happen today, hooray. So we broke free of suburbia and headed not very far north for lunch with friends at Mahurangi where, disgracefully, we'd never been before.

It's the usual story, of not bothering with what's in your own backyard, being seduced by exotic locations further afield - but New Zealand's neat green landscapes are exotic enough for millions of tourists to come here every year from all over the world. Note to self: Get out more.

It's always lovely to get into the country; and though our friends were a little sad that they hadn't been able to afford a section with a sea view, their ridge-top position looks out over bush and farmland and a lake and even two alpacas, and I'd be happy with that. It's what we used to have in England - that is, when the view, and even the light, weren't totally blocked by cattle and sheep looming at the window staring in at what was probably like a sort of television to them. Poor things: the kitchen window must have given them less cooking show, more horror movie, when steak or lamb chops were on the menu.

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