Saturday 30 April 2011

Araf* boyo

Well, it's all over, even the shouting, and it went beautifully, hooray. Elegant dress, smart uniform (though Harry's was showier), lots of splendidly silly hats, no hiccups over names, cute choirboys, and the trees in the Abbey grew on me. Bit too much religion for my taste, but there you go, hard to avoid in the circs, I suppose.

The Brits give good pageantry, it must be said: most impressive maybe, apart from the precision timing throughout the entire day, was the crowd control in the Mall afterwards - though, of course, the crowd was mainly Brits too, so the police were on a winner from the start.

Soon they'll be off on their honeymoon - and after that it will be back to earth with a bump after all the hoop-la: a cottage near Valley in Anglesey. Now, the royal idea of a cottage probably stretches the term as understood by the rest of us, but even so, it's still in Anglesey. Which is a lovely place - but it's very quiet and rural and there's not much going on there outside the pub. They've had a lot of shipwrecks over the years, so that will keep William busy with his Search and Rescue role (though - shhh - the real heroes are the Lifeboat crews). But what on earth is Kate going to do with her time? Maybe she could learn how to roll this local placename off her tongue:
(I love how they've gone to the trouble of breaking the name into bits to make it easier to pronounce. Gee, thanks, guys.)
*Araf? Go here.

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