Thursday 7 December 2017

Er, wow.

Well, there you go. Connections. Popping up everywhere, but sometimes in disguise. To be honest, it can be confusing - like today. I was dutifully doing a piece for a Sunday paper's series ("World Famous in New Zealand" - it's a thing here, an in-joke but at the same time just a little bit serious) about the World of WearableArts Museum in Nelson, where I visited nearly two years ago now. It's commonly known as WOW and regular readers (that's just you, Queen) will remember that earlier this year I went down to Wellington for the annual WOW Awards Show.
Anyway, WOW the museum is in Nelson, combined with a classic car museum (seen my share of those this year, too) and it's pretty good. Though the show is dazzling, it's interesting to get up close to the costumes to see how they're made and to appreciate the finicking detail. So I went to visit their website to check something, and up pops WOW! Children's Museum in Lafayette. Wow! I naturally thought, how about that? I wonder if it's the same museum I went to on my last afternoon in that town as I wandered along Jefferson Blvd, mostly to cool off in the aircon because June in Louisiana is pretty oppressive (that's condensation on the outside of my hotel window, below). It was called the Discovery Science museum then, and was notable for its fossils and space exploration exhibition but mainly, as far as I was concerned, for its Golden Knee Spider, which had just moulted.
So I clicked on it, and turns out it's not Lafayette LA at all, but Lafayette CO, which I didn't know existed, but which is still a connection because only this afternoon I've been looking at Things to Do in Denver. I'm going there in May, you see, my third visit to the gigantic IPW tourism convention which I was in Lafayette LA en route to, for my second time, when it was held in New Orleans two years ago. So that's not quite a circle - more of a squiggle - but I still reckon the ends join up kind of satisfactorily.


the queen said...

Regular commenter who scares off the normal people.
And you'll be only two states over.

TravelSkite said...

Yes! (Though at my first IPW, two years before NOLA, I was right next door, in Illinois.)


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