Friday 22 December 2017

Silver Explorer, Day 5 - En route to South Georgia

With thanks to Silversea for this hosted cruise

It's another day at sea today - there's a fair number of them on this cruise - and there is nothing but sea and sky to look at. That doesn't however mean it's boring. There are lectures to attend (today one explaining the Falklands fisheries, which was a lot more interesting than it may sound; and another on the geology of those islands, which was exactly as exciting as it sounds) and this afternoon brings our kit inspection to ensure we don't carry ashore any seeds or other stuff to despoil the environment. Then there's a hands-on photography session which I hope will be useful - though as an Olympus person, I know I'll be taking a back seat to the ostentatious Canon and slightly less pushy Nikon people.
Then there's a birdwatching session on deck which will be all about, I'm guessing, albatrosses, fulmars and petrels. It will also be a bit parky, because even though we're still on about the same latitude as Ushuaia, there's no sun today and it's beginning to feel properly South Atlantic. Finally, tonight, we will be dining with the Captain and presumably swapping notes about Gloucestershire. So, as there will be no photos to speak of, here are some from the Falklands.

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