Tuesday 8 September 2009


Brilliant! Absolutely the best way to get your bearings/take a refresher course in London geography is to ride the Eye. 135 metres up, it all becomes clear: there's Nelson's Column, and there's Buck House, so that line of trees has to be The Mall; and, oh dear, yes, there's the embarrassingly hideous glass box that's NZ House. Oh look, there's a big round atrium in the middle of the Treasury; and County Hall's grand pillared curve is just a facade...and goodness me, what a lot of trees! This is an essential for every visitor, new and old.

But the job I'm so glad isn't mine? Darting inside each pod as it empties, to make a quick circuit with spray and cloth, wiping germs off the stainless steel handrail. I hope that poor girl at least treats herself to a change of direction now and then.

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