Friday 11 September 2009


Huh, you're thinking. What a dull photo. Some trees, a bit of a chewed-up field, some distant houses and nothing by way of a focal point. Whatever is she doing, posting this?

What I'm doing is showing you my favourite bit of England. This nondescript patch of countryside is actually closer to my heart than anywhere else on the planet.

It's the midpoint of the daily walk I took for the eight years we lived in our little stone cottage: first with our dog, then with the cats too, then with the First Born, then with the Baby. It was quite a procession, by the end.

We would stop here for a rest and to allow the animals to sniff down the rabbit holes while we looked for blackberries. I spent a lot of time sitting here on the nibbled-short grass enjoying the view and engraving it on my memory.

Today was the first time I've ever sat here alone.

Yes, it was a melancholy moment - but then the cattle came and moved me on, and life continued.

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