Wednesday 30 September 2009

Kippers and colleges

There can be few more pleasant ways to spend a warm sunny autumn afternoon than sprawling back on rugs and cushions in a punt on the Cam - especially when someone else is wielding the pole and getting his trousers wet.

The girls sitting for hours either side of an empty coffee cup in the window of a cafe while they sketched Kings College Chapel opposite were enjoying themselves, too; and so were the tourists biking round the narrow streets between the colleges; and also the people drinking in The Eagle beneath a stained ceiling covered in the shaky signatures, written with cigarette lighters, of the young men of the RAF and USAF who were stationed near here during the war. The pilot of the Memphis Belle is amongst them - the first American plane to complete a 25-mission tour.

For us it's the last day of our tour, too. Just some bits and pieces in London and then we'll be away home.

We started the day with kippers and we'll end it with scampi in the pub. Brain food - what else would you eat in Cambridge?

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