Monday 14 September 2009

Sharing is for the birds - not birders

Coming back tonight from another evening of cheerful chat with old friends, we were rather hoping for a glimpse of a fox or badger as we burrowed along the lanes, trees meeting overhead.

The headlights picked out many sets of skidmarks indicating moments of excitement for other drivers, but for us the trip was uneventful, and we met neither cars nor furry animals - though there were squirrels this afternoon.

It's been things with wings that have featured today. At Symond's Yat a craftsman was selling real estate for insects, as pictured above - a kind gesture, if a little eccentric (not enough rotten logs or trees with loose bark in the whole of the Forest of Dean? Really?)

And up at the lookout over the Wye's huge horseshoe bend we could see the bare patch of pink rocky cliff where the peregine falcons nest. We couldn't see the falcons - but there was a man with a telescope on a tripod who could.

Could I have a peep, please? I asked him politely. No, he said.

On reflection, what else could I expect from a man wearing camouflage plus-fours?

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