Saturday 6 November 2010

Call of the Wild

Bruce is back! It's his third summer with us, a green and golden bell frog who appeared out of nowhere just before Christmas 2008 and took up residence in our pond. He was quiet and polite that first summer; last year though he spent a lot of time croaking at odd times during the day and night, quite astonishingly loudly - presumably advertising his presence to any amphibian ladies in the area. Sadly he remained single. He's already been puffing out his throat today, so I do hope he's more successful this year.

I realise that to get excited about a frog is perhaps a little sad in itself, but I like animals and find them interesting; and it's a great disappointment to me that we have so few here in New Zealand. This is a conversation I had a number of times while we were in Washington state recently: it's always surprising to people to learn that NZ has no native mammals (bats apart), and that even the introduced ones are rarely seen (rats apart - more than enough of them in my henhouse). Birds are fine, but to my mind animals are much more interesting, and it's always a thrill to see them in the wild.

So it was really pleasing to see so many that day on San Juan Island; and on other visits to the US to have seen bears, despite the fright factor. It's also why I love going to Australia, away from the cities: their animals are so unusual and unique and fascinating - and also frightening, of course. And one day, I just have to go to Africa: now theirs are what you call serious animals.

PS I do hope Bruce won't regret having come out of hibernation today. Yesterday was Guy Fawkes and tonight it's again like the Somme out there.

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TravelSkite said...

I did get to Africa! And there were SO MANY animals! Read all about it in the posts labelled South Africa over there on the right...


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