Sunday 14 November 2010

Ooooh huhu

Fruitbat, guinea pig, crocodile, camel - and now, finally, huhu grub. Not unpleasant, pickled: kind of creamy with a distinct peanutty aftertaste. But crunching the head wasn't nice, and knowing it was a larva was even less so, and I won't be rushing back here for seconds.

Hokitika, that is: for the Wildfood Festival in March. Popular though it is, there are much better reasons to come to the "coolest little town on the Coast". Wild scenery, gold rush history, great walks, good real food (turbot! Only place in NZ to catch it!) and very nice people - one of those we met today actually from Hokitika.

So it was a good end to a day that began with disappointment when our helicopter ride up onto Franz Josef Glacier was cancelled due to rain. Instead, we walked up, kitted out with crampons and firmly instructed by Phil (from Taupo) to "trust your feet" as we teetered nervously at the top of long flights of uneven steps hacked out of the ice. He was right: the spikes saved us, and we filed safely up, down and over a bit of the glacier, blue and turquoise and impressively huge.

It was cool. Ha ha.

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