Friday 19 November 2010

Shakes - er, Shades of Christchurch

As reported by our intrepid front-page First-Born journo, the Palace Hotel had to be demolished in a hurry last night after big cracks appeared in some of its walls. It was a shame: 124 years old and one of a dwindling number of heritage buildings in central Auckland, and in the process of being renovated, too (although for use as a house of ill repute).

We've lost some beauties to philistine developers over the years, and it's tempting to ask, of them, is there any other kind? But of course there are some shining lights, and when I've thought of an example or two, I'll come back and finish this post. Don't be holding your breath, now.

And in the meantime, consider how satisfying it is to have invested heavily in one's daughter's education and then see her paid to hang around half the night on a corner in the city right outside a brothel.

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