Thursday 11 November 2010

Cracks in Everything

Well, not in absolutely everything, but you don't have to look very hard to fnd them. If not cracks, then patches of plastic on roofs where the chimneys have gone. And then, in the city, there's the scaffolding, fencing, blocked-off footpaths, empty sections blowing with dust, and wounded buildings being so slowly put out of their misery, nibbled away at bit by bit, as the pile of rubble beside them grows.

But Christchurch is still lovely in most places: neat and pretty and relaxed, with lots to enjoy and admire. And there are still ducks on the grass by the Avon.
PS: The total of aftershocks since the big one on 4 September is now officially more than 2700; and over the weekend I was on the West Coast, they had another cluster of 4+ shakes, including one of 4.9 - and did I feel even one of them? No. Sigh.

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