Tuesday 23 November 2010

Slow burn

Unlike up here in Auckland, it's been a hot, sunny day down on the Coast today. A good day to get out in that beautiful green and blue scenery and enjoy nature at its best, chill out, get life back into perspective.

None of that's been happening, of course. It's Day 5 and a rescue seems as far away as ever. There's bubbling discontent with the role the police have chosen to play, with the apparent foolishness of sending an unprotected electronic robot into a damp mine, with the short-sightedness of drilling one hole at a time down to the tunnel, with the refusal to allow family members to go to the mine entrance. People are getting angry.

They've been patient up till now, but they're reaching their limit, imagining their sons, husbands, brothers, sitting in the dark, waiting and waiting and wondering why no-one's coming for them. And that's the good scenario.

The rest of us around the country are reaching our limit, too. It seems time for someone to step forward and take some decisive action.

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