Saturday 1 January 2011


I've just put together the photos for this year's calendar, and though I've done a lot of tutting over the ones that didn't come out as they should have, it's been lovely to revisit some of last year's destinations.

I'm looking forward to what this year will bring: first off will be Tasmania, for the third time. That's where I went on my first ever assignment, which would make me look on it fondly even if it weren't such an interesting and beautiful place. People always say, "But isn't it very like NZ?" - and in places it is, but there are plenty of differences, too: the violent and dramatic history, the fabulous stonework in the towns and bridges, and most of all the swarming wildlife. Wombats, devils, quolls, bettongs... brilliant.

Then there'll be Great Barrier Island, which I can see from here (well, from up on the top road) but have never visited before. And then the UK again, with the whole family this time: that'll be an event. And hopefully Western Australia for the whale sharks; and who knows what else may come my way - or that I'll think to ask for? I love this job.

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