Friday 28 January 2011

From this side now

Who knew the Tasman could look like this? Blue, yes, sparkling, even occasionally calm (so I'm told) - but TURQUOISE? I've never seen the like, not on our side, anyway. And certainly never swum in it before, in my life.

If the rocks were limestone instead of granite, this could be Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, easily. (Maybe add a few coconut palms. And some sea gypsies selling shell elephants. But otherwise, just the same.)

We had fabulous weather for our 4-day walk along the squeaky(-clean) white quartz sand of the Bay of Fires in north-east Tasmania. That was lucky: it isn't always so, despite what the guides say. (They also said "Will at the Lodge does foot massages!" and got me out of a sound sleep with "Breakfast! And dolphins!" All bare-faced cheerful lies.)

It wasn't an epic walk: 9km then 14km then a bit of a kayak and maybe 5km, and some other bits and pieces, mostly flat, some of it on soft sand but mostly easy-walking hard, quite a bit barefoot. Nothing nearly strenuous enough to earn the food they kept giving us. Presenting us with, rather - it's the first time I've been tramping and sat down to vertical dinners. "BoF belly" is a hazard of the walk, we discovered.

And now I'm in Launceston, back in civilisation with email and TV and flushing loos. Sigh. It's always a disappointment.

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