Saturday 29 January 2011

Full of colour and interest

What a lovely day today! A blue and green and gold and lavender day. But not just pretty - interesting too.

First off, Brickendon Farm Village, freshly World Heritage listed because of its convict association: they were assigned to the landowner as free labour in exchange for their keep until their penal period was up. Poor John Welch from Fiddington in Gloucestershire was there for life, however, thanks to his liking for cheese and bacon. I was very taken myself by all the hens wandering around with their chicks, and all the other animals, including a friendly cat that fell asleep in the chapel, his whiskers painted purple by the sun through the stained glass.

Then yummy scallops and sparkling rose at Josef Chromy's vineyard with swans and ducks on the lake and happy hen parties at the tables under the trees.

And finally Bridestowe Lavender Farm, where the bees were busy and the oil is second to none. The rows of plants curved off towards Mt Arthur. I wonder if that's the one I'm climbing and then biking back down tomorrow?

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