Monday 24 January 2011

Sparing alms

These huge glass globes at Auckland Airport fascinate me, especially since I read recently in the paper that last year departing passengers dropped $140,000 into them, which was distributed to a variety of local charities. Great stuff.

But look! There are $20 notes in there! Coins yes, even $5 notes - but $10 and $20 notes? Who are these people, who can almost literally throw away enough money to buy a ... magazine, bag of crisps, kiwi sticker? Yes, I see, not much available airside that's very tempting. But still. Sheer profligacy!

Or generosity, of course.


the queen said...

I imagine, like Gary, they all had tremendously tight fathers and big-hearted mothers. You can almost hear the bickering between them in his head when he donates or tips. Gary's mom always wins and then he doubles it because he doesn't want to seem like his dad.

TravelSkite said...

Well I had two tightwads for parents, and so I meanlypurse my lips and keep the real one shut. But I admire those who give freely, I really do.

the queen said...

Enh, nothing to admire. He's buying an image for himself.


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