Wednesday 12 January 2011

Water, water everywhere...

Hard to say anything more meaningful about the Queensland floods other than "Wow". Australia doesn't mess about when it comes to disasters: the sheer force, volume and spread of the floodwaters is just astonishing. To see footage of cars being flipped about, forced under bridges and left in piles by what is normally an inoffensive little creek in Toowoomba is simply breath-taking.

And now it's Brisbane's turn. As if there's not enough water in their river already, serpentining through the city and bringing, usually, a breath of cool freshness to what can be a chokingly hot and sweaty place. When we were there last April, we had a day free in the city, and it was really pleasant to spend it alongside the river at the South Bank Park, where there's a popular little beach area in the gardens and lots of open space for things like, that weekend, a festival to celebrate Buddha's birthday.

We went up in the big Ferris wheel, then crossed the bridge into the CBD to nose round the shops and be nosy about these people in their very odd dress - advertising something? Who knows.

And then we took a ferry along the river and looked at all the lovely houses and converted warehouses where right now everybody must be looking through their windows at the river and wondering where it's all going to stop.

This guy is the only one guaranteed to keep his feet dry.

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