Saturday 7 August 2010

Bon appetit

If anything tells you we're in a part of France, it's that after rushing through the morning everything stutters to a complete halt at lunchtime.Today we drove around 420 corners in 31km and up 1300m for an astonishing view over Cilaos, another cirque that could stand in for the Andes with its steep green ravines and isolated villages. It was an exciting drive, thanks to Philippe's verve behind the wheel - but a doddle compared with the palanquin that used to be the only alternative to Shanks's pony.

And after hurtling around all those hairpin bends, now we're at Le Vieil Alambic spending two hours sitting over our Creole lunch of yummy vegetable beignets, fish curry and dessert that's an "invention de la maison" according to Madame, who's come out to introduce each course and get the verdict afterwards. Which was, genuinely, delicieux.


the queen said...

I am sorry.

TravelSkite said...

Thank you. Hard, isn't it?


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