Tuesday 24 August 2010

Cuatro meses!

Amazing news from Chile about the 33 miners discovered alive 17 days after a cave-in. There will be a lot of prayers being said for them over the next - possibly, incredibly - four months or so while a new tunnel is dug to release them. It's impossible to imagine what that will be like for the men underground, even with outside support. The Beaconsfield duo emerged after their two weeks trapped in a Tasmanian mine looking pretty chirpy, but afterwards they admitted it had been very hard. Four months! I really hope they have a faith to sustain them.
For me, Chile is all about mountains. Mountains and dogs. And lovers. Mountains and dogs and lovers. And crime - but we won't dwell on that episode. I liked Santiago, and I would like to see more of Chile: there's some amazing scenery in that long, long, narrow country. That's what I would be thinking about, if I were trapped underground. For four months.

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