Sunday 1 August 2010

Sweet as

Maybe this is the reason Mauritians are so nice: the tons and tons of sugar they produce here. There are cane fields wherever you look, and as it's harvest time there are trailer-loads of it on the roads as well.

Today we went to Sugar Adventure, which is less the theme park that it sounds, and more museum/teaching facility. It's huge - 5000 square metres of massive Glaswegian machinery, story boards, models, photos and diagrams telling the story not only of sugar production, but the history of the island too. It's well done and exhaustive. Perhaps I mean exhausting?

But the rum-tasting at the end perked me up again.


Your best daughter said...

You drink rum?!

TravelSkite said...

All things* in moderation, my dear. Have I taught you nothing?

*Except chocolate.


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