Friday 13 August 2010

Catching air

Big winds at the moment: 1200 people stranded overnight at Mt Hutt by 200+kmh nor-westers swooping across the mountain; and pretty blustery here too, though without the snow and 300 over-excited ten year-olds (not) sleeping on piled-up coats.

We had it windy in Mauritius, too, especially on the day we went to Ile des Cerfs, which is an island with a pretty, turquoise-water beach that's a 20-minute ferry ride from the mainland. While we waited for the boat to come for us, we watched these kite-surfers who had got bored with waiting for punters to come and hire the gear, and gone for a spin themselves.

Posing is part of the sport, of course, especially when there are long lenses involved, and this guy zipped back and forth right in front of us even though there was a 500m stretch of beach at his disposal. Good for him. We certainly enjoyed the show.

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