Saturday 7 August 2010

Highs and lows

Anyone noticing a theme here?

I've just finished a lovely meal at the fine dining restaurant here at Le Grand Hotel du Lagon, that began with this rum, coconut and caramel cocktail and ended with a snort of rum with vanilla and, and - damn, it's literally on the tip of my tongue still, I can taste it, but can I remember what it is?* That's what happens when you bookend a meal with rum. I wouldn't have done it, but the waiter said it would make his heart cry if I didn't. He claimed the rum wasn't strong, but it's a bit of a giveaway when you lift up the glass and your eyes instantly water.

Today there were incredibly steep and winding narrow roads made even more exciting by Philippe's being what you might call an eager driver (not to say a tailgater). There was a fanfare of tooted horns along our route.

We saw Andes-type high mountains cut by dramatic ravines dotted with remote villages (less remote since the local baker bought a couple of copters), a plunging waterfall, beaches with gorgeous young women who would have worn plunging necklines had they had anything on their top halves at all, and finished by stepping off our own beach here at the hotel to plunge into the midst of schools of yellow and black striped angel fish, beautifully patterned Picasso fish, fat little puffer fish, and lots of others. Great snorkelling! Topped off by the sun plunging (have I overdone this?) into the sea with a distinct green flash.


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